A Serious Lack of Celebration

We have a little problem in our house - and it's called a "Serious Lack of Celebration." We don't have a Christmas tree, we don't have stockings hung let alone by the chimney with care, and we don't have anything that would even be considered a holiday decoration.

But yes, I did make sugar cookies (after I ate the entire tin that my MIL sent to us at Thanksgiving). Ever seen the movie Gone in 60 Seconds? Yeah, that's sorta what happened. Oops!

Why? Well, for one we just don't have holiday decorations. I remember my roommate in college would always dream about having a house one day where an entire room was dedicated to her holiday decorations. I wonder if she's got that room yet? But us - well, we just don't have any. And my reasons for not being able to justify spending money on decorations? well...

  • Seth is rarely around during the holiday season thanks to retail management. (Thankful for the job and income, hate the hours and expectations.)
  • Christmas is kind of a mixed bag of emotions for me. I have some really bad memories from holidays past but a deep longing for the Christmas that you see in movies, commercials and other advertising
  • We don't really do the whole "gift giving" thing anymore. I'm not sure when / how that started. Maybe the year that my brothers and I basically passed around a bunch of gift cards is when we realized that we were too old (and too poor) to be doing that anymore. Sure - Seth and I will probably get a little something for each other, but its probably not gonna get wrapped and sit laying around the house. Last year on our way to dinner for date nigh he reached around behind the car seat and brought out a bag from Macy's with some perfume in it and said "Merry Christmas." Actually, that could be a lie. I don't even know if he said Merry Christmas. And I just gave him the Dillards bag that had his Ugg slippers in it (with the receipt, just in case they were the wrong size or color). So exciting, I know!
So while I'm a little saddened by our Serious Lack of Celebration, I'm not quite sure what I'm gonna do about it.

Maybe I'll convince Seth to let us have some friends over for an ugly Christmas sweater party or something!

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