Christmas Wish List

In an slightly selfish way to work on our Serious Lack of Celebration - I'm creating a Christmas wish list. Not that anyone is going to look at it (or use it - or should they). I just thought it would be fun to pretend that I was 7 and send my wish list to Santa.

Dear Santa,

At first when I thought about making a wish list this year I didn't think there was going to be anything to put on it. But, then, little things popped into my head. So before I forget them, I
decided to write them down.

- A toaster!
Nothing fancy - just a simply toaster would do nicely. Yes, we registered for one when we got married. But if we did get one back then we returned it so Seth could get something else cool. So we've lived all these years without one. Not that its super important, but we've lived for 4 years (or more!) without toast in our lives. My only request is that it be stainless steal or black so it matches with our kitchen.

- Snowboarding socks!
Seth and I went snowboarding for the first time this season and his have a hole in the heel - so really socks would be a great idea for the both of us! As you know, snowboarding is "our" thing that we get to do together in the winter. It's often on these days that we get to spend the most time together, being active and enjoying the beautiful mountains of Colorado!

- Gloves!
Specifically North Face black gloves. I know - going for the name brand. But they are relatively inexpensive, durable, light weigh and just plain awesome. Plus, I only have ski gloves or soft yarn, brown gloves. So I could make a case of needing some light weight winter black gloves.

- Running clothes and gear!

Yes, I'm renewing my relationship with running. So far this week I've run 3 times, granted the most I've done is 4.5 miles. But I'm hoping to get back into running and train for another late summer / early fall marathon.

So I need more of these...
And these...
And maybe even some of these...
- Oh, and a great little gift that keeps on giving. A magazine subscription!

Something maybe like this..

- And finally, a Starbucks or Einstein Bagels gift card. Cuz Sethy and I like to have coffee and bagels for our Sunday morning "date."

PS Sorry there's no tree or stockings in our house - we're kinda lame when it comes to decorating for the holidays. Maybe next year we will have a tree.


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