Sometimes in life there are things that just don't make sense. For example:
  • Jobs that our society places a lot of value on don't get paid nearly enough. Like teachers, social workers, etc.
  • When mean people win.
  • My parents moved far, far away to another part of the country right about the time that we moved into the wonderful world of a great adult relationship. Now how are they ever gonna get to see their grandkids?!
  • When bad things happen to good people. And when not nice people seem to catch all the breaks.
  • How my girlfriend who works for a health care organization doesn't even have maternity leave to be able to stay home after having her first baby. Not even for a few weeks.
  • And the one that brought to this here blog today, how I can run marathons for a straight year and not be able to fit into some of my dress pants, but today - after not working out for months and eating fried, greasy bar food and lots of beer those same pants look great.

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