Disclaimer: I am not a fashionista!

I bough these boots almost two months ago, and so far I want to love them but I'm having a hard time figuring out how to wear them. I'm just not fashionable enough to put together a decent outfit with them...yet. But I'm trying!

So here's my thought - they would look so cute with the right dress. Maybe something like this that I just ordered from Old Navy for only $15 (plus s&h, which makes it $21).

From the reviews on Oldnavy.com, the dress is very simple and many suggested pairing it with a belt. So what about this...
And then since it is no longer sleeveless appropriate weather, I thought of pulling in the hot new color for a cardigan for layering...

Someone help me....is this even a good outfit?

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Courtney Hope said...

you are too funny... and you are a fashionista, you've just got to claim it :)

I am digging everything but the belt... I think you need something that is a bit more neutral to pull in the boots and sweater...

i am attempting the whole "boot" look as well- cute tights always go well with the boots too :)


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