It's been a crazy and busy couple of weeks. Here are some highlights until I can get caught up on my little past time of blogging.

My mom came to visit! Yeah! No matter that we basically had to buy her plane ticket and force her to come visit for her belated-birthday gift. It didn't matter. I was in desperate need for
some "mom time." I may be 29 years old, but sometimes you still just need your mom. And secretly I think she need to come visit just as badly.

We had a great time over the long weekend and thankfully we had BEAUTIFUL fall weather. We spent a lot of time on the patio, drinking tea and enjoying the warm sun. And really, that's all I wanted to do.

We did get the Colorado family to go out for some great food. We took mom to Crepes N Crepes (below),
Snooze, and Greg and Maria's favority D'Corazon. We did a lot of eating, but it was fun!

I even took mom to get her first ever pedicure!
I convinced Seth to take me and the girls up to the mountains to check out the fall colors. And it was well worth it - even though it was cold and windy. The colors are extra vibrant this year! It's unbelievable!

I LOVE living in Colorado! And I LOVE fall in Colorado!

More to come soon...

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