Labor-Filled Weekend

This weekend was spent with a daily trip to Home Depot, daily trips to Starbucks for some home renovation motivation, a 5 mile run for me on Saturday, and an astonishing two days off in a row on a holiday (shock and awe!) for Seth.

So on Sunday we tackled a few home projects including changing out the dining room light fixture from this -
to this!Much more elegant, understated and stylish. It's an aged bronze finish with tan colored globes that match well with the latte colored walls and dark brown tones in the furniture. We are also working on replacing all the doors from the old wood doors to new white 6-paneled doors with the aged bronze handles.
The picture is a bit dark but this is the dining room with the new light.

and just in the nick of time, we made it to the McNeill wedding (we barely had time to shower and get ready!) and Seth is sporting his new fashion accessory - the colorful bandaid on his many blisters on his hands. Sometimes homeownership hurts.

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nunface said...

You're so domestic! 3 cheers.


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