Buyers Remorse?

We found out that we saved a bunch of money with Geico (ha - not really, but I just couldn't help myself!) so we decided to take the plunge and spend some dough on a coffee table. Having a glass of water or whatever while sitting in the living room is difficult when you don't have anywhere to set it. And Seth has been known to fall asleep while holding a glass of water - only to wake up with a wet shirt!

Here's our new coffee table..
It seems a bit bigger in the space than we anticipated...
And a bit darker as well - almost black...
but unfortunately we cannot return it for "aesthetic" reasons per the receipt instructions...
So we'll continue to look at it for a while. Maybe we are just so used to not having anything there that it seems big and because that whole corner is a dark brown color that it just seems dark. Hmmm, maybe some new green pillows would lighten and liven up that space....

But it still doesn't answer the question - what to do with that darn corner?

Decisions, Decisions

I'm having such a dilema about what to do with our living room. One of the issues is the placement of the TV. The TV works best functionally angled in the corner of the room - provides more relaxed lounging opportunities on the couch and also decreases the glare from the window light on the screen.

But...it makes that wall feel so big and empty.
Placing the TV in the center of the wall feels right in a symmetrical sort of way (of course, I would need to find bookshelves or something to flank the TV and hide the cords as well as matching tall lamps). But it feels awkward when trying to lounge and watch a movie, etc.
What do you think? What is the best option?

And this is the new light and the new table runner that I bought that carries the green from the living room into the dining area.
And the beige curtains hung over the sliding glass door. At first I wasn't sure about the curtains, but I think they are growing on me. This isn't a good picture of the curtains, but you can see that we still have that LARGE EMPTY wall behind the dining room table.

Still looking for ideas on how to deal with the big empty wall...

One thing that we've done that I LOVE is replacing the old brown doors with white 6-panel doors and fancy aged bronze handles and hinges!
Aren't they just beautiful?!

Cookie Monster

I love after-school snacks. I'm sure it started when I was little and my mom would always have something yummy available for us to munch on after we got home from school. And now that I work at a University, I still enjoy my after-school snack!

Monday I came home after a busy day and went to the secret cupboard where I keep the "naughty" foods - like Oreo's, M&M's and my favorite Lay's Kettle Chips.

And this is what I found....
There's a cookie monster on the loose!

I think he's probably 6 ft. 3 in, bald and has a devilish smile. If you see him, and he has cookie crumbs on his lip, please call me immediately! My cookies have been stolen!


Labor-Filled Weekend

This weekend was spent with a daily trip to Home Depot, daily trips to Starbucks for some home renovation motivation, a 5 mile run for me on Saturday, and an astonishing two days off in a row on a holiday (shock and awe!) for Seth.

So on Sunday we tackled a few home projects including changing out the dining room light fixture from this -
to this!Much more elegant, understated and stylish. It's an aged bronze finish with tan colored globes that match well with the latte colored walls and dark brown tones in the furniture. We are also working on replacing all the doors from the old wood doors to new white 6-paneled doors with the aged bronze handles.
The picture is a bit dark but this is the dining room with the new light.

and just in the nick of time, we made it to the McNeill wedding (we barely had time to shower and get ready!) and Seth is sporting his new fashion accessory - the colorful bandaid on his many blisters on his hands. Sometimes homeownership hurts.


I Got Your Back

Sisters - always together, always touching!

Rebel with some spray paint

I stopped by Goodwill and Michael's last night and bought some old vases and a can of green spray paint!

and this is what I started with....
And this is what I ended up with!One small step for Erin, one giant leap of color for my neutral living room! Stay tuned for some more fun COLOR coming soon!


Cuz it's Tuesday

Sometimes you just need to put on the pink ballet slippers to make it a good day!


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