The Kitchen Floor

Seth has the day off today, and last night he said "I can't promise much, but tomorrow when you get home from work there will be no more carpet in the kitchen." Yes, sadly, I have carpet in my kitchen. Carpet that is circa 1979, including all the stains, smells and ickiness of the last 20 years! Ewww! It's so gross, that I can hardly even walk in there - and one MUST wear shoes!

I went home for lunch today - oh, the joy of living 4 miles from work!- and this is what the kitchen looks like without carpet!

While the absence of carpet is VERY exciting, I do contemplate how long it will be that I live with this glue covered linoleum. I mean, he promised no carpet, but he didn't promise when I would have tile. I'm going to go with a conservative estimation of 1 month. And I'm hoping that shortly after a new floor that it means I can finally get one of these:

Ahhh! It really is the little things in life, isn't it!

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