Just for Courtney...and her phasing personality

An old friend and a fellow blogging buddy, Just a Little Mishap, was talking about phasing - no, not the Jacob Black kind of phasing (if you are into reading teen books, you'll know what we're talking about) but the kind where your iPod gets stuck on repeat on the same short, and monotonous playlist. Yeah - that's phasing.

It's comforting to know that there are other "phasers" out there. I had just come to the conclusion that it was just another oddity of who I was and I'd accepted it as a unique self-expression of my laziness. See, for me, phasing can sometimes be a product of not wanting to extend myself beyond what I already know I'm capable of, or pure laziness! If it ain't broke, why
change it, right?

Here are my latest phases:

- deep, dark nail polish. on my hands and feet. and I very rarely paint my nails, so this is definitely a newer and probably short lived phase. but I'm in that phase where I need a dark red, purple or even black on my nails and toenails.

- Lay's Kettle Chips. i love the crunchiness so much. I can literally devour the whole bag in two days. and I don't normally even like chips. I think it started while marathon training - after long runs chips were a good way to replace the lost sodium in my body. Granted, probably not the healthiest way to do it, but it sure was tasty.

- iTunes Genius Bar. I need new music every 6 weeks or so, because i listen to my iPod all the time! So I go in and find a song that I like and then end up buying $20 worth of similar music and listening to it non-stop for 6 weeks straight until I'm sick of it and can never listen to it again. Literally, I listen to it so much that I then hate it. It's sad really...but, it's how I do the music thing. Right now I'm all about Anberlin, Mae, Waking Ashland, TheFold, This Day & Age. Daphne Loves Derby, etc.

- summer is the best time for my next phase and it seems that it's been a phase the last few summers. tomatoes and fresh mozarella, a.k.a. caprese salad. Cut up a tomato, add some chunks of fresh mozarella (i especially love the little balls of moz!) a little salt and some italian seasoning! best afternoon snack ever!

- tiredness seems to be a horrible new phase that I'm experiencing. especially since I turned 29. it may be a product of age, or maybe just my imagination. but it's serious. I'm tired all. the. time. Even when I wake up in the morning I'm tired.

- which leads to my longstanding love affair with my bed. i love my bed. more than my puppies. and more than seth. i love my bed. i dream about my bed. I yearn for my bed. there's nothing I wouldn't do for my bed and my 600 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets in dark chocolate. Oh, it's so luxurious and amazing. i love my bed.


Courtney Hope said...

I feel so honored... my name is actually in your blogging title. That's big time I tell ya..

Courtney Hope said...

Ooh! I just thought of another phase of mine worth mentioning:

100 Calorie Cinnamon swirl buns snack packs... Truly God's gift to my stomach circa 1pm when sitting in class...

nunface said...

Oh, man. I love my bed too: http://nunfaceblogface.blogspot.com/2008/11/blog-update.html.

I feel ya sister.


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