Exhausted, bruised and blistered - but oh, so HAPPY!

It's been one week today....we signed the dotted line, and moved back to the city of Denver and into our cute little house! While I will miss our diggs near Boulder (and the views, and the quiet, and the enormous sky, and crazy lightening storms) I am so excited to be back in the city and closer to our friends and our favorite things.

Our real estate agent, Gwen, giving us the keys to our NEW HOUSE!

So little story...we had a horrible with our last realtor (who shall remain nameless) so when we were house shopping this time we went it alone sans realtor until....we met Gwen. She just fell into our laps one day, and we've been great friends ever since. In fact, we found ourselves so comfortable with our realtor that we often found our selves drunk texting her funny things late at night. Probably a little inappropriate for a professional relationship, but we bonded and we feel like she is a part of our lives in a very positive way! We LOVE her and HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking for a place to call home. She is AWESOME!

And during our closing Seth and I got up from the table to do the Happy Dance when we saw the final figure for our monthly mortgage payment - almost $100 less than what we had budgeted for! Can you believe that?! We were shocked! and extremely happy! Thanks to our great mortgage broker Deana for that one!

So we literally packed up the apartment in Boulder in the morning, took quick showers so we didn't smell, and went to the closing (after dropping the moving truck and the dogs at the house). As soon as we were done at the closing - we started unpacking the moving truck and setting up house!

The dining room

the living room

The new patio furniture and all my inherited flowers

The master bedroom

Seth's wish list of projects for the house:

-Cut down the bushes surrounding the back patio
-Put up new blinds
-New 6-panel wood doors
-Remove the carpet from the kitchen (gross! I know!)
-New stainless appliances

and I'm sure there is much much more...but this is our starting point.

More posts to follow!

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