Birthday Pictures

Since I failed to attach any photos from my birthday - here are the few that were taken during the weekend.
Breakfast at Snooze. A flight of pancakes including Pineapple Upside Down Pancake, Plain Blueberry and the Special of the Day - Banana Chocolate Pancake! I had the Caprese Benedict and Seth had the Spuds Deluxe. It was pretty good - and definitely worth the 45 minute wait.

Satisfied smiles after the HUGE breakfast - and then we headed to the mall where I bought stuff with GIFT CARDS! Isn't that fun?! I didn't spend any money!

The family testing out the new SHAG RUG that Seth bought me for my birthday! Yes, I said SHAG! And I love it! I just wish that I could have found it in green - but this sandy beige color will do just fine, too! The dogs love it - obviously!

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