The Kitchen Floor

Seth has the day off today, and last night he said "I can't promise much, but tomorrow when you get home from work there will be no more carpet in the kitchen." Yes, sadly, I have carpet in my kitchen. Carpet that is circa 1979, including all the stains, smells and ickiness of the last 20 years! Ewww! It's so gross, that I can hardly even walk in there - and one MUST wear shoes!

I went home for lunch today - oh, the joy of living 4 miles from work!- and this is what the kitchen looks like without carpet!

While the absence of carpet is VERY exciting, I do contemplate how long it will be that I live with this glue covered linoleum. I mean, he promised no carpet, but he didn't promise when I would have tile. I'm going to go with a conservative estimation of 1 month. And I'm hoping that shortly after a new floor that it means I can finally get one of these:

Ahhh! It really is the little things in life, isn't it!


Just for Courtney...and her phasing personality

An old friend and a fellow blogging buddy, Just a Little Mishap, was talking about phasing - no, not the Jacob Black kind of phasing (if you are into reading teen books, you'll know what we're talking about) but the kind where your iPod gets stuck on repeat on the same short, and monotonous playlist. Yeah - that's phasing.

It's comforting to know that there are other "phasers" out there. I had just come to the conclusion that it was just another oddity of who I was and I'd accepted it as a unique self-expression of my laziness. See, for me, phasing can sometimes be a product of not wanting to extend myself beyond what I already know I'm capable of, or pure laziness! If it ain't broke, why
change it, right?

Here are my latest phases:

- deep, dark nail polish. on my hands and feet. and I very rarely paint my nails, so this is definitely a newer and probably short lived phase. but I'm in that phase where I need a dark red, purple or even black on my nails and toenails.

- Lay's Kettle Chips. i love the crunchiness so much. I can literally devour the whole bag in two days. and I don't normally even like chips. I think it started while marathon training - after long runs chips were a good way to replace the lost sodium in my body. Granted, probably not the healthiest way to do it, but it sure was tasty.

- iTunes Genius Bar. I need new music every 6 weeks or so, because i listen to my iPod all the time! So I go in and find a song that I like and then end up buying $20 worth of similar music and listening to it non-stop for 6 weeks straight until I'm sick of it and can never listen to it again. Literally, I listen to it so much that I then hate it. It's sad really...but, it's how I do the music thing. Right now I'm all about Anberlin, Mae, Waking Ashland, TheFold, This Day & Age. Daphne Loves Derby, etc.

- summer is the best time for my next phase and it seems that it's been a phase the last few summers. tomatoes and fresh mozarella, a.k.a. caprese salad. Cut up a tomato, add some chunks of fresh mozarella (i especially love the little balls of moz!) a little salt and some italian seasoning! best afternoon snack ever!

- tiredness seems to be a horrible new phase that I'm experiencing. especially since I turned 29. it may be a product of age, or maybe just my imagination. but it's serious. I'm tired all. the. time. Even when I wake up in the morning I'm tired.

- which leads to my longstanding love affair with my bed. i love my bed. more than my puppies. and more than seth. i love my bed. i dream about my bed. I yearn for my bed. there's nothing I wouldn't do for my bed and my 600 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets in dark chocolate. Oh, it's so luxurious and amazing. i love my bed.


The Sound of Redecorating...

These are a few of my favorite things...

I love this green - and the pattern! I was thinking about making decorative throw pillows or some wall art out of this print.

With some small green accessories strategically place through the living room and dining room area, such as this green vase with some bamboo wood or white orchids coming out of it.

But I love the texture on this pillow!

This chair from Target is SO COOL! and I think it would look fabulous in the corner of my living room. It would be that "conversation" piece. The piece that is just a little off that it's cool and hip.
See below - it would go in the corner where there is currently a big, black hole of space - and a lamp.

Speaking of lighting issues...
I like this chandelier - but I'm wondering if it is just too modern for my style in reality...

Maybe this light fixture is just a good mix of modern and traditional that it may work in the dining room space.


A Wannabe Design Star

I went home for lunch today and decided that I should start getting serious about decorating the house. So - I'm going to pretend to be a Design Star from HGTV or like John and Sherry from this little favorite blog of mine.

First of all, I want to show off a fun find that Seth bought for me on my birthday when we decided to do some impromptu garage sale-ing!
Isn't it just the cutest, little, old lantern!?! I just love it! And for only a $1!

Ok - so here is my design dilema - or at least the first one that we are going to tackle. The Living Room!

This is the view as you walk in the front door. We have two big walls - and with the angle of the TV (which could be moved) we aren't sure what to do with either wall. Plus the lamp in the corner is the only source of light at this point.

As you continue to walk into the house and turn, you can see that the 3rd wall is a large picture window with the cream colored curtains that the owners left behind.

This is the entry - and our short entry wall that we still don't know quite what to do with either. We originally thought of a sofa table under the mirror, but now I'm thinking about a stylish and colorful bench and maybe some hooks on the wall.

And - if it matters - here's a photo of our large and empty wall in the dining room just off the living room. This may be the next project..... Check out this super sweet gold chandelier. Don't be jealous!

Try not to get jealous of my AWESOME appliances! They may be so old that they could be classified as antiques. In fact, my mom had the same exact oven, range and microwave-in-one unit as shown here!
Notice that it's one unit - all attached! But hey, it works wonderfully! And the microwave is big enough to heat up a huge casserole dish.

If you look close you can also see that we still have carpet on the floor in the kitchen. It's so gross - but we are trying to take things slow so as not to overspend. We're trying to be wise with our money, so hopefully we will have tile in the next month. Until then, if you come to visit remember to wear your shoes in the kitchen. The floor's a little nasty!
And this is the face that Kahler gave me as I left to go back to work. Don't you just want to be lazy in the backyard with her? She's too cute!

And yes, she is laying in the mulch border surrounding the attached covered patio. She's so weird!

A Belated Birthday Gift

Sometimes it's the little things in life that bring the most joy, like the sunrise of a new day, a fresh breeze blowing through the curtains, a sincere smile from a stranger, or Seth doing the

Yes! You read correctly! Seth did the dishes! Now, this is mostly exciting because our
dishwasher (oddly, the newest appliance in our new home) does not work. Thus, all dishes must be washed by hand in our old, icky sink. And note - I don't own a dish drainer.

So last night after I made dinner, Seth VOLUNTEERED to do the dishes from the last 3 days!
And the angels sang!

And while he did that, I played with my sleeping babies.
Aren't they just precious?!


Birthday Pictures

Since I failed to attach any photos from my birthday - here are the few that were taken during the weekend.
Breakfast at Snooze. A flight of pancakes including Pineapple Upside Down Pancake, Plain Blueberry and the Special of the Day - Banana Chocolate Pancake! I had the Caprese Benedict and Seth had the Spuds Deluxe. It was pretty good - and definitely worth the 45 minute wait.

Satisfied smiles after the HUGE breakfast - and then we headed to the mall where I bought stuff with GIFT CARDS! Isn't that fun?! I didn't spend any money!

The family testing out the new SHAG RUG that Seth bought me for my birthday! Yes, I said SHAG! And I love it! I just wish that I could have found it in green - but this sandy beige color will do just fine, too! The dogs love it - obviously!


And the celebrations come to a slow close....

It's Saturday night and we just got home from dinner and drinks with some friends. Now we sit on the patio, Seth with Kirby snoring in his lap while I listen to the sweet song of the neighborhood crickets and enjoy the soft amber glow of the candles. 

It was a good night - but a rough day. This old lady needed a late afternoon nap - to escape a slightly frustrating morning with Seth and to save some relationships with friends....but after a Wendy's frosty and fries, and an hour nap I felt like a new person! Ready to socialize, be nice and make conversation! 

Now as everyone else is too drunk to function and I am awake and aware, I contemplate the day. Birthdays are like New Year's Eve. A lot of hype, but really not much in the way of fireworks. A lot of anticipation, but the best are spent with little in the way of expectation. I'm thankful for my family - who I miss a lot, especially on days like today - and my close friends, most of whom are in Nebraska. I miss the days when we could be carefree and irresponsible - or at least unconcious of responsibility. I miss the days when I could go all day and most of the night, much like the energizer bunny! I sometimes wonder if I used up all my energy, spontaneity and good luck on my high school and early college days - leaving me lacking in my late twenties! 

oh, the art of getting old! Maybe I need to read up on how exactly to do that...


The celebrations cease for remodeling...

Seth and I both had Thursday off - so you might think that we spent the entire day relaxing, enjoying, celebrating or such. But, no. We spent the day remodeling - pulling tack board and staples from the guest bedroom floor where we had previously removed the carpet, taking down the old fixtures from the blinds on the walls, vacuuming and cleaning all the wood floors, trying to fix the non-working dishwasher and then ending up doing the weeks worth of dishes by hand, running cable through the attic to the master bedroom, mounting the flat screen in the bedroom, etc. 
Thankfully our friend Ryan came over to help Seth with the TV mount and I made dinner. We grilled steak and chicken, corn on the cob, fresh red and yellow bell peppers with ranch dressing for dipping, gourmet mac and cheese and some fantastic non-burnt garlic bread (a little bit of a joke that every time Ryan comes over I burn the bread - well, not today!). 

Now that dinner is all cleaned up and the boys are puttering in the garage (oh, my goodness. That totally sounds like something my mom would say about my dad!) I'm sitting on the patio with a tall glass of ice water and I'm tired! And it's only 6:30 pm. Getting old is tough! 

On the bright side, I did get a fabulous surprise today. My girlfriend Sarah sent me a bouquet of flowers in this beautiful vase! It was a great afternoon surprise. The best part was Seth said, "Why did she send you flowers?" Hmm, I don't know, Seth. Maybe because it's my birthday?! Duh!

The game plan for tomorrow?

Breakfast at Snooze - Seth has never been and I can't think of a better way to start my actual birthday than with a flight of pancakes. 

Maybe a round of golf

A little afternoon Starbucks run

A hot stone massage - and the best part - it's FREE!

And dinner out with friends at a "new" place - we are thinking either Zengo's or Sushi Sasa

And then drinks at Cru for flights of wine and fun gourmet cheese platters! 

Sounds fun - especially because there is no housework involved! 


The Week of Erin

Welcome to the Week of Erin! Yes! An entire week celebrating ME! Why? Well, I may be a little narcissistic but really, it's just my birthday week. And by "just" my birthday I mean the last year that I can claim to be in my 20's. Yup, it's the big 29 - which is almost more monumentous (which apparently is not even a word!) than the ever popular 30. And by birthday week I do mean a week long celebration. Everyone gets a day, I get that. But I feel the need to spread my celebration for the week - to wallow in its glory and fabulousness (another non-word). Everyone around me is just lucky that I limit it to a week and not prolong the celebration for the entire month! 

So this is what the Week of Erin looks like:

Monday: No work. Sleep in until 9:oo am. Hair appointment at 10 am for highlights and a new style. 
(Some minor tears later, I came to terms with my new shorter 'do.) To console my hurt "yearning for long hair" ego, I hit up the mall for some fabulous finds at The Limited, DSW, and even Forever 21 - I can dream that I am still 21, right?
After giving my bank account a minor strain from all the activity, I relaxed on the couch for some self-indulgent Oprah (which, was extremely disappointing. Now I know why I work during the day!) and some puppy cuddle time until Seth got home. After our 7:50 pm softball game was canceled du
e to rain, Seth, Jen and I headed to Applebee's for some spin dip and Sam 
Adams Oktoberfest. What a great day!

Tuesday: Sadly had to get up early for an 8 am doctor's appointment, but I love seeing my nurses there so it was a g
ood start to the day. Had some entertaining phone conversation with some friends that I adore and set up plans for later in the week. Headed to the office where I was the Lone Ranger in our building (everyone's out the final weeks before the start of a new semester) and surprisingly accomplished a lot of a to-do list that I didn't even know existed! Called it quits around 2:30 pm, scavenged the grocery store for my favorites: Butterkase cheese, wine, steak, french
 bread, corn on the cob and a mixture of other veggies. I even picked up some new hair care products and hair brush to embrace my shorter more stylish coif - which I am guessing will take a bit more time in the mornings to look presentable. 

Checked on the puppies chilling on the new "outdoor ottoman" (a whole other post is needed to explain that one!), 

and relax before my 4pm massage appointment. Now, I sit on the patio with the other Dietrich girls waiting for Sethy to get home from Longmont. And then...grill time! 

More to come as I celebrate the Week of Erin! 


Fabulous Friday

Seth had the morning off (and I did too - sortof!) so we slept in and then I made a fabulous breakfast of waffles (with whipped cream and strawberries), scrambled eggs and orange juice!

This was a real treat for us because we rare have breakfast together and if we do it's a Sunday run through Starbucks and Einstein's for bagels!

The girls were really excited - so they put on their "good girl" faces just in case we dropped anything. Kirby does a pretty good job about not begging, but Kahler will sit right next to you and just stare at you.

Breakfast was a great way to start the weekend - and so this officially starts BIRTHDAY WEEK for me!


After School Snack

Today after work, I was craving a little something to tide me over to dinner time. So I whipped this up with what we had hanging out in our fridge.
And - I think it might be a healthier option to the mini Kit Kat's and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in the cabinet!

A whole wheat Eggo waffle, with Lite Whip Cream, fresh cut strawberries and because I didn't have any chocolate syrup in the house I just used a little maple syrup instead!



Enjoying the View

One of the first projects we tackled were the bushes surrounding the backyard patio. We wanted to be able to look out and enjoy the view from the patio - and see what kind of trouble the girls were getting into!

Here is a before shot

And an after shot

Here's a good shot of the landscape work that we did in under 2 hours!

And a view from the inside before

And the after shot

And this is what the girls do when they aren't running around the yard


Exhausted, bruised and blistered - but oh, so HAPPY!

It's been one week today....we signed the dotted line, and moved back to the city of Denver and into our cute little house! While I will miss our diggs near Boulder (and the views, and the quiet, and the enormous sky, and crazy lightening storms) I am so excited to be back in the city and closer to our friends and our favorite things.

Our real estate agent, Gwen, giving us the keys to our NEW HOUSE!

So little story...we had a horrible with our last realtor (who shall remain nameless) so when we were house shopping this time we went it alone sans realtor until....we met Gwen. She just fell into our laps one day, and we've been great friends ever since. In fact, we found ourselves so comfortable with our realtor that we often found our selves drunk texting her funny things late at night. Probably a little inappropriate for a professional relationship, but we bonded and we feel like she is a part of our lives in a very positive way! We LOVE her and HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking for a place to call home. She is AWESOME!

And during our closing Seth and I got up from the table to do the Happy Dance when we saw the final figure for our monthly mortgage payment - almost $100 less than what we had budgeted for! Can you believe that?! We were shocked! and extremely happy! Thanks to our great mortgage broker Deana for that one!

So we literally packed up the apartment in Boulder in the morning, took quick showers so we didn't smell, and went to the closing (after dropping the moving truck and the dogs at the house). As soon as we were done at the closing - we started unpacking the moving truck and setting up house!

The dining room

the living room

The new patio furniture and all my inherited flowers

The master bedroom

Seth's wish list of projects for the house:

-Cut down the bushes surrounding the back patio
-Put up new blinds
-New 6-panel wood doors
-Remove the carpet from the kitchen (gross! I know!)
-New stainless appliances

and I'm sure there is much much more...but this is our starting point.

More posts to follow!


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