A New Bedroom - maybe

The big news is out - we bought a house in DENVER! Finally, we will be back in the city - and centrally located! 

So...as with any move, we are anticipating purchasing some new diggs for the house - 
specifically for the bedroom! 

Here is the color of our walls, a Sherwin-Williams color called "Kilim Beige"
Now, we don't even have a bed yet, but I wanted some help picking out a new bedspread/duvet cover. Here are the choices - please vote for the one that you like best! 

Argos Platinum by Nicole Miller at Bed, Bath.and.Beyond

Bucharest by Amy Butler at Bed, Bath.and.Beyond

Adelaide by Kas at Bed, Bath.and.Beyond

Luxe Sky by Raymond Waites at Bed, Bath.and.Beyond

Lantana by Kas at Bed, Bath.and.Beyond


4th of July = Greg's Birthday

The the 4th of July - and for Greg's Birthday - we spent the day with our friends Jen and Kirk, and Greg and Maria. 
We hike at Chautauqua Park in Boulder - we even brought the dogs. 

It was Kirby's first time hiking - and I think she did a GREAT job! 

We took the Royal Arches trail - and it was SPECTACULAR! But a bit more difficult than the "nature hike" I had promised Kirk and Jen! Oh, well - they had fun!

Greg - at the top of Royal Arches - overlooking Boulder. We were actually very thankful that it was a bit overcast that day, otherwise it would have been way too hot to hike! 

We were SOO hungry after the hike that we went into Boulder to the Walnut Brewery to get something to eat - and of course, some early celebratory beverages! Our server even brought out this special birthday brownie for Greg!

After a nap, we went to the Rockies game (and Seth was finally able to join us). We had seats in the Rock Pile, so we met at Breckenridge Brewery for some drinks before the game and then walked to the stadium. After the game, which we lost, the Rock Pile cleared out and they let us onto the field! It was so much fun to be on the field and walk on that perfectly cut grass! It's real, just in case you were wondering. 
So we camped out until the fireworks started! 

I was just a little excited to be on the field -if you can't tell!


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