More fun in Seattle

When I think of Seattle...I think of...fish, art, music, the Space Needle, and of course - Grey's Anatomy (and now, the Twilight series). 

We walked the less than 2 miles to the Space Needle, but didn't feel the need to wait in line for 2 hours to take the ride to the top. 

Seth tried clams for the first time....and he liked them! Now someday maybe I can get him to try oysters! 

The view of Puget Sound along Elliot Bay was breathtaking....I just wish we would have been able to take a ferry across. However, it was very cold most of the time that we were there. 
And of course, Rob Pattinson of the Twilight series and McDreamy of Grey's Anatomy

I don't know why, but it was just odd to see this "establishment" very near our plush hotel on the street that was covered in ritzy boutiques and stores. 
This is my attempt to being artsy....it was just a beautiful day on the pier.
At the recommendation of our favorite bell-boy, Kaylan, we tried out this neighborhood sushi joint for their AWESOME Friday night happy hour. Thankfully, it was not very expensive, and it was fairly decent food. Although, nothing beats Sushi Den! 

Just another artsy photo.
And the name of this place just made me bust out laughing...Cow Chip Cookies. 
We are definitely in the land of "granola" - Subaru's and tofu corn dogs! 

Live music outside the Pike Place Market (and Starbucks)

I look so tall in my shadow!
I really liked this sculpture in our hotel   - they had local artists art pieces on display throughout the lobby and hallways. 

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