Dear Director...

Dear Director

I love my job. Please know this first and foremost. During these economic times, I am ever-thankful for steady employment, and especially a dependable paycheck. 


Below is a short list of the reasons why I think that we should have "adjusted" work hours for summer.

  • First, it's SUMMER - and we do work in education, which traditionally means summer's off
  • I feel as if I am dying a slow and painful death of boredom, and school isn't even out yet
  • I know you don't want to be here either
  • I could easily check email and voicemail from home - sparing me the over an hour commute into the smog-ridden city....
  • I would be contributing to society by "going green" and telecommuting!
  • Besides, I can facebook, hulu and twitter at home - especially now with our new laptops!
  • I truly believe that my creative juices could flow more freely if not confined by the same four walls I see each and every day. While lounging at the pool with a cocktail in my hand I could think of millions of new programs, and thousands of new and innovative ways to market the program!
  • I would be a much happier employee if my dogs had more time to run around in the sunshine throughout the day, rather than being kenneled while I waste my day in the office. 
Please consider my request sincerely, as you can clearly see that it provides the best possible work environment for you, me, the smog-ridden city and my dogs. 




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