More fun in Seattle

When I think of Seattle...I think of...fish, art, music, the Space Needle, and of course - Grey's Anatomy (and now, the Twilight series). 

We walked the less than 2 miles to the Space Needle, but didn't feel the need to wait in line for 2 hours to take the ride to the top. 

Seth tried clams for the first time....and he liked them! Now someday maybe I can get him to try oysters! 

The view of Puget Sound along Elliot Bay was breathtaking....I just wish we would have been able to take a ferry across. However, it was very cold most of the time that we were there. 
And of course, Rob Pattinson of the Twilight series and McDreamy of Grey's Anatomy

I don't know why, but it was just odd to see this "establishment" very near our plush hotel on the street that was covered in ritzy boutiques and stores. 
This is my attempt to being artsy....it was just a beautiful day on the pier.
At the recommendation of our favorite bell-boy, Kaylan, we tried out this neighborhood sushi joint for their AWESOME Friday night happy hour. Thankfully, it was not very expensive, and it was fairly decent food. Although, nothing beats Sushi Den! 

Just another artsy photo.
And the name of this place just made me bust out laughing...Cow Chip Cookies. 
We are definitely in the land of "granola" - Subaru's and tofu corn dogs! 

Live music outside the Pike Place Market (and Starbucks)

I look so tall in my shadow!
I really liked this sculpture in our hotel   - they had local artists art pieces on display throughout the lobby and hallways. 

Needing a vacation to recover from our vacation

It doesn't really make sense, I know. But I feel like I need a vacation to recover from our oddly stressful vacation. I think Seth and I learned an important lesson about vacationing together. We have VERY different vacation styles...and as we all know, differing expectations often leads to disaster. 
We weren't too impressed with Seattle as a city. We stayed downtown in a great hotel - close to the baseball field and the Pike Place Market. However, we found the food options lacking, the weather was just ehh, and downtown nightlife was at a minimum.

 But, so that this entry isn't all icky-sad-blah-blah, I will highlight some of the good things...

Our hotel was awesome - we stayed at a Kimpton Hotel, specifically the Alexis Hotel on 1st Ave in Seattle. We had a great King Sized bed and a large newly redecorated room. 

We were blocks away from the Pike Place Market - where it was really crowded everyday, but tons of fun and great people-watching opportunities! 

The fresh fish really made me wish that we could buy some and eat it th
ere - of course, the vendors offered shipping, but that kind of defeated the freshness factor for me.

The flowers were so brightly colored and fragrant! 

Of course, we had to stop across the street from the Market at the Original Starbucks - which was a morning ritual while there. 

I actually really enjoyed the city art - including the custom designed man-hole covers, gutters, and even these fun butt-rests! 


And today's lesson, kids, is....

When you find a great house in a great neighborhood at a great price in Denver - JUMP! 

AAHHHHH!!!!! I am so beyond frustrated today...when really I should be excited to leave for vacation tomorrow (oh, yeah! and that silly little run that I have to do while on vacay!). 

We've been casually shopping for a place to plant some roots in Denver - and let me tell you, it's about gosh darn time again. I miss our old house - even though it was in the southeastern boonies of Denver. But I miss a yard, I miss storage space, I even miss the property taxes! So in the last month and a half we have put in 2 offers - one was a back-up to a primary offer, and the other we ended up in a bidding war that we lost. We've had our eye on 2 other properties and those sold this week. 

I found this great house about a week ago and called our realtor, who was super swamped and couldn't work us in for a showing until yesterday. After seeing the house (without Seth) I knew we needed to move fast. The house was everything we wanted - including easy access to I-25, HUGE yard for the girls and wood floors. I told our realtor (who is great!) to prepare the contract. We would set up a time to have Seth look at the property and then sign the contract for an offer. 

And then she called early this morning and said that there were already multiple offers on the table and would probably be under contract before Seth could even see it in person. 

I was devastated. This process has taken a lot out of me emotionally. It has inspired Seth and I to work together as partners in our future - deciding how we wanted our future to look and where we would start our family. And now I am just READY to have a home and a yard for my babies to play in. 

And I just feel like every house that we like and is in our price range flies off the market within 10 days or less! 

So - in the real estate terms the lesson is - when you find a deal, don't hesitate! And for a life lesson - I suppose God is teaching me patience, reliance on Him. And let me tell ya, I'm having a tough time with that. 


Little Spots of Joy

How cute is this?! She is so darn cute - and I just can't get over all these little spots that keep appearing. 

I love my girls! 

My Daily Visitor

Lately every day around 11 am this little robin comes to my window and starts pecking at the glass. The first day it happened it just seemed a little odd - it was almost as if he was trying to bring some dried grass into my office window to make his home there. 

When he came back the next day, I just thought the little guy was a little out of it. And then he came back again, and again, and again. On Friday last week when he came he sat and pecked at the window for almost 3 minutes. Yeah, doesn't sound like a lot, but you sit there and peck at a window with your tiny beak for that long. 


Call me when it's summer

Until then, I am hibernating. 

So much for summer - so far we have had one of the coldest, wettest, craziest, springs I have ever experienced in my 6 years in Denver. I had no idea until this spring that Colorado even had a tornado warning system. But we've had tornado warnings almost every day for the last week! Can you believe it? And I thought I left that all behind in Nebraska. 
And it's not like the tornado weather in Nebraska. Here it's been chilly every day and the days feel more like Seattle grey and wet days than the typical desert Colorado sunshine. 

I'm over it! I'm ready for the sun to return - and the warm temperatures to allow me to wear sundresses, sandals and expose my shoulders! I'm ready for my energy levels to return to normal, because right now I feel as if my body is desperately trying to tell me to crawl back onto the couch for another few months of winter inactivity! Hopefully my energy levels will return when the sun does - and hopefully that will be soon!


Dear Director...

Dear Director

I love my job. Please know this first and foremost. During these economic times, I am ever-thankful for steady employment, and especially a dependable paycheck. 


Below is a short list of the reasons why I think that we should have "adjusted" work hours for summer.

  • First, it's SUMMER - and we do work in education, which traditionally means summer's off
  • I feel as if I am dying a slow and painful death of boredom, and school isn't even out yet
  • I know you don't want to be here either
  • I could easily check email and voicemail from home - sparing me the over an hour commute into the smog-ridden city....
  • I would be contributing to society by "going green" and telecommuting!
  • Besides, I can facebook, hulu and twitter at home - especially now with our new laptops!
  • I truly believe that my creative juices could flow more freely if not confined by the same four walls I see each and every day. While lounging at the pool with a cocktail in my hand I could think of millions of new programs, and thousands of new and innovative ways to market the program!
  • I would be a much happier employee if my dogs had more time to run around in the sunshine throughout the day, rather than being kenneled while I waste my day in the office. 
Please consider my request sincerely, as you can clearly see that it provides the best possible work environment for you, me, the smog-ridden city and my dogs. 





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