Bragging Rights

Memorial weekend came and went with little fan fare from our household - it seemed like business as usual. Except for the rainy and cool weather and the Bolder Boulder 10K on Monday morning. 
Seth requested the morning off specifically so he could attend. It was his first race ever as my support team! And it was so nice to have him there - dropping me off at the start, carrying my running bag with dry clothes and after run snacks, taking pictures of the course and the runners, and even cheering me on at Folsom Hill when I needed it most! Thankfully we woke up to GORGEOUS views of the flat irons and perfect running weather - cool, clear and dry! 

I was super nervous about being in a faster wave this year - especially since I haven't done a speed workout since September! But, in order to maintain bragging rights fo
r another year, I knew that I would have to run a sub 8:45 minute mile. 

This is me being super speedy up Folsom Hill - so speedy in fact, that I vomitted shortly after!

After stopping briefly in the last 1/10th of a mile to the finish to vomit - TWICE - I crossed the finish line (feeling MUCH better) and in record time! 

Some friends at the finish - Me, Molly, Erika and Heather.

Shirley - a running friend from Runner's Edge met us, too!

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