Bragging Rights

Memorial weekend came and went with little fan fare from our household - it seemed like business as usual. Except for the rainy and cool weather and the Bolder Boulder 10K on Monday morning. 
Seth requested the morning off specifically so he could attend. It was his first race ever as my support team! And it was so nice to have him there - dropping me off at the start, carrying my running bag with dry clothes and after run snacks, taking pictures of the course and the runners, and even cheering me on at Folsom Hill when I needed it most! Thankfully we woke up to GORGEOUS views of the flat irons and perfect running weather - cool, clear and dry! 

I was super nervous about being in a faster wave this year - especially since I haven't done a speed workout since September! But, in order to maintain bragging rights fo
r another year, I knew that I would have to run a sub 8:45 minute mile. 

This is me being super speedy up Folsom Hill - so speedy in fact, that I vomitted shortly after!

After stopping briefly in the last 1/10th of a mile to the finish to vomit - TWICE - I crossed the finish line (feeling MUCH better) and in record time! 

Some friends at the finish - Me, Molly, Erika and Heather.

Shirley - a running friend from Runner's Edge met us, too!


Impromptu Surprise

Seth rarely gets weekends off - but somehow he scored two days off in a row on a weekend. So
 at the last minute we decided to make a trip back to Lincoln to see his family and my friends (since my parents don't live there anymore.....) for Mother's Day weekend. 
Seth thought it would be "fun" to not tell his mom until we were an hour outside of Lincoln. Thankfully, I convinced him to call his sister a few days in advance so that at least SOMEONE knew we were coming. She planned a dinner with all the kids so that we could see the nephews and niece, too. 

The kids loved seeing Kirby and Kahler. The boys ran around the backyard "racing" the dogs up and down the hill and all around the yard. After dinner the kids were desperate to take the girls (Kirby and Kahler) for a walk. So we took each dog out for a walk separately. Slade and Naveah got to walk Kirby, and Malachi got to walk Kahler. 

While we were on our little walks, the kids kept talking about how much they wanted a dog. I asked them who would walk the dog if they had one. Slade was so excited he grabbed my arm an
d looked me sincerely in the eyes, "We all would walk the dog. EVERY morning before school and EVERY night when we got home. I PROMISE!" It was precious.

We spent a lot of time with Seth's dad, too. In our brief two day trip, we managed to get in two rounds of 18 holes of golf. The first day was great - we played a short executive course in Wilderness Ridge. The second day I think I was just too tired - Seth too! We played at Pioneers and it was just not a good golf day - but honestly, I can't remember a time where we have had so much fun! We laughed so hard - at and with Eldon (Seth's dad) - and at ourselves. We were pretty hilarious that day!

A Little Male Insight

I'm sure we have all wanted to be a fly on the wall at some time in our lives - to listen and observe the male specimen in his natural environment. Well, last night I (un)fortunately had the opportunity to be in such close quarters with three very different and interesting specimen of the male gender. Somehow I ended up watching the Nuggets vs. Lakers game with Seth, Kevin and Ryan. Honestly, I think Seth wanted me to come so that I could be the designated driver - for which I am thankful that he had the forethought to plan ahead. 

The boys allowed me into their inner sanctum of malehood. I'm not sure if they just felt that I was one of the guys, or if they just plain didn't care that I was listening in - and even participating at times - in their unfiltered and bluntly honest male conversations. From marriage, their crazy wives, sports, jobs and even some unmentionables they left no sugar-coating on any of their descriptions or opinions. 

It was eye-opening to say the least.....

In some respects, I felt as if I was invading a very private and intimate ritual of male bonding. I don't know if I've ever seen three grown men show so much love and affection for each other! Granted, the boys haven't seen each other in a while, but I can't even count how many times Kevin (middle) leaned over with his hand around Seth's back, looked him straight in the eyes and leaned close to his face and say "I love you" or "I miss you, please come back to me." 

And even Ryan got in on the love-fest. However, Ryan's perspective was one of a jilted lover. It seems there is a little resentment for Seth leaving Ryan to move to Boulder. After several comments of "I can't believe you left me!" from Ryan and a few sympathetic, lingering glances from Seth I think they have almost made up from their long absence. 

I had no idea I would have to share Seth with his many other male lovers....But I am happy that he has some great guys to share such an intimate relationship with! 


Feelings...Nothing more than feelings...

Today I felt:

Super, duper unmotivated to do any work at all

Excited to talk to Abbey and Sarah all in one day - and to know that I am going to see them in a few days! 

Reminiscent as I searched through old boxes in our garage and found some silly pictures and letters from high school 

Triumphant that I found the "lost" baseball gloves that Seth thought for sure had disappeared (thus why I was riffling through boxes in the garage)

Oddly peaceful as I drove towards our home that leads directly to the foothills of South Boulder - the view of the sun setting over the tops of the mountains was breathtaking!

Loved when I was met at the door by my two adorable little girls - one striped and one spotty

Frustrated at the absurdity of "some people" (ahem, the ones that get paid the BIG BUCKS) in my office and their time management skills - um, didn't I just say that I was super unmotivated. Hmmm, pot calling the kettle black? Maybe. 

Perplexed that its apparently so hard for two people to communicate about simple things such as their plans for the weekend. 

A little bit sad that although I am going "home" this weekend that I won't get to see my mom or dad. Doesn't quite feel like home without them there anymore. 

Rushed that it is almost 8 o'clock and I have to whip up dinner before Seth walks in the door any minute! Oops - I'm sensing a time management issue here.....


Super Troopers Softball

I may be a 3 time marathoner, but I have muscles that are screaming at me today! 

Not from my 20 mile run on Saturday. Oh, no. I felt perfectly fine after indulging in my decadent ice bath on Saturday 
after a grueling and mentally frustrating 20 mile run in the Boulder Valley foothills in the 45 degree misty rain. No, that was a piece of cake to what I am feeling today. Today I can barely walk down the stairs and my hair is unusually unwashed and styled for the lack of shoulder and arm muscles to raise my arms to wash or dry it. Why? One word....


Pathetic, right? This is our fourth year playing softball here in Denver - basically since the first year that Seth and I lived together we have played with the same team. Well, this year we got "bumped" out of our typical league in Greenwood Village because our team basically rocks! So we are playing a 
different league and some of our teammates have changed. Last night was the first game of the season - and to be honest, I don't think we were really ready...but, oh well! 

Of course, being the worst girl on our team I got put at catcher as always. I claim the position as if it is a true honor! And to be perfectly honest, I think I got the most action last night! I mean, I get the ball every pitch! Not to mention I got a guy out at home and almost, yes - almost, got a pop foul ball. Maybe next time...

So, while running 20 miles apparently has no detrimental effect on my muscles a mere 75 minute softball game wrecks havoc on my shoulders, arms, neck (weird, I know), and even my abs! Seriously, what's wrong with me?

In other news...

Things that made me laugh at loud today

- Kahler as she ran/farted to the window to bark at something. Funny how at 28 I can laugh because my dog farts. 

- Reading Courtney's blog entry about her mom and pot. Yeah, you read that right! You have to check it out.....
- The almost scary reflection that met me in the mirror this morning - wow, how does my hair do that?
- Listening to Kirby snoring right now under the kitchen table - she's so darn cute! 


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