Oh - well that's not so bad...

I thought it was finally spring here in Denver - but apparently the seasons are a bit mixed up. We've had more snow in the city since Spring than we did all of winter. We need the moisture, so I guess I can't really complain. But honestly, why does it have to be cold and wet on the weekends while I'm trying to train for my next marathon? It's so annoying!

And again, 70 degrees all week long and now Kathy Sabine is predicting a mini-blizzard for Friday night and Saturday. Really, Kathy? Do you really have to do this to me?

But the good news for the weekend is .... I'm only doing 5 miles tonight! Yes, that is GREAT news - because I thought I was running 7 miles again tonight. It was such a relief to look at my training schedule and see only 5 miles! I know I'm a nerd, but this was by far the highlight of my day. I feel much better about going home tonight! 

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Linda Throckmorton said...

Well, we'd love to have you move to South Carolina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No April blizzards....unless you are talking the blizzard of dogwood blossoms!

Love you


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