Maybe you have heard about the Suze Or.man 3 Day Challenge, but I hadn't until this weekend. On my Saturday long run (yup, training for another marathon) with my running group one of the girls in my pace group mentioned that she and her husband were searching for the "perfect" time to start the challenge, but just couldn't find a day to start. 

The Suze Or.man 3 Day Challenge is as follows:
  • For one day, don't spend any money
  • For one week, don't use your credit cards
  • For one month, don't go out to eat
The premise of the challenge is to make us more aware of how we are spending our money, in what form and one what. Honestly, I think the first two would be fairly easy. Seth and I only use a credit card for emergencies so we definitely have that one covered. And I think I could make it a day without spending money, although, Seth already said that he would have to buy a gift card for Starbucks so that he wouldn't be "spending money." Personally, I think that is cheating! 

But - the kicker- is the third challenge: No eating out for a month! I don't think we could do it - not that I think that we are "addicted" to eating out, but it is one of our only little luxuries. And we tend to eat at inexpensive places (however, in all honesty, we do that on a weekly basis!). I mean, the bar tender at the local BW3's almost knows us by now since we go almost every Tuesday night ($0.40 wing night!) and we absolutely love our bi-weekly sushi indulgence. 

Maybe we will give it a try - well, maybe I will give it a try, and tell Seth that if he wants to eat out that he has to buy!


Nancy said...

ugh, sussie orman is so annoying. Have you ever heard Joel McHale on E!'s Soup make fun of her voice? Hilarious!! But, she does have valid money saving practices to a certain extent.

I tried cutting other things out before but it's like dieting, you'll spend money (or calories in another outlet) .. it doesn't work unless it's all in balance.

So, I use www.mint.com ... it's a free service that links up your various accounts (savings, investments, credit cards, etc) and tracks where you spend your money. It's pretty cool.

Since I love tracking mileage and stuff like it, www.mint.com is a cool tool to see the progress (like decreasing out to eat expenses). If you don't want to give it up completely, you can aim for a lower percentage of monthly expenses ;)

Katie said...

Mike and I are in the process of starting a 30 day diet/exercise plan and amazingly enough, not eating out for the whole 30 days is part of that, too. I'll let you know how it goes. Congrats on the marathon training, again, too! Takes guts to get out there in the snow; I'm impressed!


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