Did you hear that?

Do you ever have that sense that God is calling your name? That strange feeling inside like someone is listening to your thoughts, or anticipating your next move? I think He speaks to us more often that we care to admit - or take notice of. I can think of several recent incidences where that "strange feeling" was probably God trying to nudge me just a little bit. Last week in line at the grocery store when I looked severely pained by the annoying child in front of me. Or on the light rail where an elderly woman seemed lost and yet I was too tired from work to offer her a smile or reassurance. Or how about the friend that I haven't seen in a long time that reached out to me but I failed to respond to. Yikes - makes me seem like a selfish and unkind person, doesn't it? But it is also me being unresponsive to God's little nudges. 

For several weeks I've been feeling His nudge that I need to find a new church home - since we are now about an hour and a half away from our church. So Sunday morning I took a step forward with the nudge. I looked up a church that I had heard about and been interested in - and sure enough, if I hustled I could make it to the last service. And without really thinking, I followed the nudge and I went. 

Throughout the mornings worship and service I could feel God's presence - His hand on my heart. It was like that morning was meant for me - not only did I get a front row parking spot (a great accomplishment considering the size of the church!) but every song, every friendly smile, prayer and the message just spoke to me. I was meant to be there - that Sunday, in that moment. God was calling my name - clearly and distinctly. He called - and for once I started to open my ears and listen. 

There were no fireworks and flowers did not rain down from heaven - but something definitely happened. God spoke - and I was open enough to hear Him and take that first small step towards His voice. And sometimes that all He asks - just that we take that small step towards Him when he calls. To forget about the rest of the world that is swirling around us causing us to loose sight of what's real and important. To listen when you hear Him call. And to take that small step. 


Oh - well that's not so bad...

I thought it was finally spring here in Denver - but apparently the seasons are a bit mixed up. We've had more snow in the city since Spring than we did all of winter. We need the moisture, so I guess I can't really complain. But honestly, why does it have to be cold and wet on the weekends while I'm trying to train for my next marathon? It's so annoying!

And again, 70 degrees all week long and now Kathy Sabine is predicting a mini-blizzard for Friday night and Saturday. Really, Kathy? Do you really have to do this to me?

But the good news for the weekend is .... I'm only doing 5 miles tonight! Yes, that is GREAT news - because I thought I was running 7 miles again tonight. It was such a relief to look at my training schedule and see only 5 miles! I know I'm a nerd, but this was by far the highlight of my day. I feel much better about going home tonight! 



Maybe you have heard about the Suze Or.man 3 Day Challenge, but I hadn't until this weekend. On my Saturday long run (yup, training for another marathon) with my running group one of the girls in my pace group mentioned that she and her husband were searching for the "perfect" time to start the challenge, but just couldn't find a day to start. 

The Suze Or.man 3 Day Challenge is as follows:
  • For one day, don't spend any money
  • For one week, don't use your credit cards
  • For one month, don't go out to eat
The premise of the challenge is to make us more aware of how we are spending our money, in what form and one what. Honestly, I think the first two would be fairly easy. Seth and I only use a credit card for emergencies so we definitely have that one covered. And I think I could make it a day without spending money, although, Seth already said that he would have to buy a gift card for Starbucks so that he wouldn't be "spending money." Personally, I think that is cheating! 

But - the kicker- is the third challenge: No eating out for a month! I don't think we could do it - not that I think that we are "addicted" to eating out, but it is one of our only little luxuries. And we tend to eat at inexpensive places (however, in all honesty, we do that on a weekly basis!). I mean, the bar tender at the local BW3's almost knows us by now since we go almost every Tuesday night ($0.40 wing night!) and we absolutely love our bi-weekly sushi indulgence. 

Maybe we will give it a try - well, maybe I will give it a try, and tell Seth that if he wants to eat out that he has to buy!


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