A true friend...

"A true girlfriend makes room for you to mature, change, explore, and experiment. We make room for friendship that can stand the tests of time."

I have a newfound appreciation for some very important people in my life. Girlfriends that I had lost touch with but recently reconnected. These women have known me for the majority of my life and they are the ones that I feel know the 'real' me, the one that rarely comes out to connect with others. I don't know when I began to become guarded with my soul. But I'm not entirely sure that this new practice has served me well, or that I like it so much. Yet, one of the things that I have learned is that those true friends who have glimpsed our souls - who have shared our tears and triumphs in life - those women are those that will remain, regardless of distance or time. I can call these girls and talk as if we had been with each other just the day before - when in reality we are all miles apart, living very different lives. And they are the ones that are always ready to listen (even with screaming kids in the background), support and offer perspective. These women don't judge - they love, when we need love the most. 

But this quote also makes me think about myself as a friend. Have I been this kind of friend? When I look back at my friendships, I think, no. I haven't been that friend. And to all the friends that I have not supported or loved through hard times, and not rejoiced in your celebrations - I apologize. I do hope that with time and experience I have gained a new perspective and growth. 

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Nancy said...

1. I love your friendship quote.

2. I really love your music playlist!!


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