On the fourth "date" of Christmas....

And the 12 Dates of Christmas continue....

I think we are at Date 4 - which would be 4 calling birds according to the song. Thank goodness we didn't get calling birds - I'm not much of a bird fan. 

Date 4: We spent the weekend in the mountains! Like Courtney said, what better excuse do we need to go snowboarding - especially when the mountains got up to 2 feet of snow in one week! Talk about fresh powder! Woot-woot!

Date 5: A trip to my favorite part of Vail - this one is a secret - only for Seth and I to know. But it was GREAT! I don't know why we took a picture in front of the Vail Kids sign - but we sure thought it was funny!

Date 6: We splurged and went out to dinner at Outback - Seth of course had a HUGE dinner while I just had a nice steak and baked potatoe. Yum!

Date 7: Movie Night on the cough - we watched the Dark Knight, the new Batman movie. Or I watched the movie, and Seth watched the last 1/2 as he fell asleep on the couch for the first 1/2! If anyone knows his dad, I think this is a fair indication of things to come - falling asleep in any situation! 

As I just realized that Christmas is only a week away, we will be doing some "Christmasy" dates in the next week. We have a double date planned with some good friends that should be lots of fun!  


When your life turns into a bowl of smashed lemons, have a glass of lemonade with a friend. 

I have a friend who recently went through a really difficult time in her life that told me that she hoped that God would somehow be able to use this situation for the good. That the experience of this horrific situation would somehow allow her to help others. 

Honestly, when she told me that I secretly rolled my eyes and thought she was crazy. Crazy for several reasons - One: she was still in the midst of this huge life trial, with no forseeable way to get out of the situation and return to a normal life. It was an ordeal that was going to (and still to this day) take a lot of time, love and healing. Two: I had been so unimpressed with how others had responded to her situation (especially those who call themselves "Christians") that I couldn't understand how she could see beyond the present to how these occurrences could be a blessing. Talk about a wise woman!

The reason that I bring this up is that I too have been through some "learning experiences" in my life. I think that many people have, but few are able to talk openly about some things that may be viewed negatively by others. Well, NEWS FLASH people, we are not all perfect! Actually, none of us is perfect no matter how hard we try to be. And I've accepted that about myself -in fact, I tend to broadcast my imperfection for the world to see. 

I've recently been approached by several individuals who wanted to share their own "learning experiences" with me. It seems we are all out there searching for someone to share with, seeking understanding and guidance, not judgement. And I think because of my own openness and ability to share and reflect on my own life, others feel comfortable talking with me. And for that, I am thankful and honored. 

My only real thought here is this - we are all human, we all make mistakes, we all need each other. So why can't we be more Christ-like in the way that we treat and love each other: unconditionally and with grace. 


Third Date of Christmas

On the third date of Christmas, my true love gave to me....or I gave to him - an evening of chili, football championship games and quality couch time!

Yup - you heard right! Our date tonight consisted of some of Seth's favorites. So today when he got home form work I had chili cooking in a big pot and the couch ready for him to get comfortable and watch some football. Too bad he passed out in the first 5 minutes of sitting own! Typical - but endearing. He woke up, though, to taste test the chili and watch the 1st quarter of the Big XII Championship game. 

Seth's prediction: Oklahoma is gonna win - if they play to their potential, then they will win big. I guess we will know in a few hours.


The Twelve Dates of Christmas

With Christmas now just right around the corner and the holiday stress overtaking us with every day, Seth and I decided to do something very different for the holidays. Instead of buying gifts for each other and in an attempt to spend more quality time together and alleviate the stress of the season, we will be having the Twelve Dates of Christmas! 

I got the idea from a friend to have 12 inexpensive or free "dates" that we can do together to remember the value of each other and provide some stress free entertainment to the month. 

Our first date was this week - we went to Keystone (where we got engaged three years ago) and snowboarded on fresh powder. It had been snowing almost for the last week so there was lots of fresh snow and there was never a line for the gondola as there were very few people out skiing. It was a great first day of our ski season and a great first date. Seth actually mentioned how great it is that we enjoy so many of the same activities. And snowboarding is definitely one of those! 

This season Seth and I are learning to jump. Well, Seth might be learning on his own! In my old age I have a fear of falling and breaking or tearing something. And with three marathons planned for next summer, an injury is not in my plans for right now! 

After hitting the slopes for a few hours we went into Silverthorne to check out the outlet mall - Nike for me, Polo for Seth and Banana Republic for the both of us! 

Then it was off to our Second Date of Christmas - making homemade pizza at home! It was Seth's idea - and a darn good one! We decided on BBQ Chicken pizza - something that we had never attempted before. And guess what?! It turned out BETTER than any other BBQ chicken pizza we've EVER had! Yeah for us! 

Stay tuned for the remaining 10 dates of Christmas! I'm trying to convince Seth to go to the Parade of Lights downtown tomorrow. We will see how good of a negotiator I am!


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