A Sign of the End Times

Have you seen that Visa commercial yet? You know, the one where the dude (my word of the day!) tries to pay with cash and he screws up the "flow" of the crowd all making purchases via check card? Yeah, well, that was me today. I left my wallet in my other bag (a semi-frequent occurrence for any of those that know me!) and so when we went to lunch today I wrote a check. And I specifically started filling out the check while in line so as not to cause a significant back up of pedestrian traffic at the register and thus incur the nasty and sideways glances of discontented patrons of the fine establishment. 

And then the lovely employee of this fine establishment totaled up my purchases and kindly told me the amount of money that I owed for my fine lunch that I was about to partake in. And she continued to multi-task as a well trained worker is often trained to do when given moments to utilize time to its fullest efficiency. I quickly completed the two lines necessary and handed the check to her. She took it. And then....

She told me that the wonderful chain organization that she is employed with at which location I was attempting to fuel my body during a mid day break from a tedious and often excrutiating job DOES NOT TAKE CHECKS!

Can this be? 
Have we entered into the era where checks are no longer viewed as relative monetary payment for goods and services?
Is the bank promise of payment via watermarked and numbered paper with the words "pay to the order of" no longer relevant?


Nancy said...

Have you ever went to like Sams Club and was in charge of buying breakfast food for a large group of people .. So, you run around gathering items .. then, when you check out -- you learn they only take cash, not debit card or credit card.

why can't places stop discriminating against money?

Erin Dietrich said...

I know! I mean, I'm not one to usually ever use checks...but then again, I don't carry cash either! What is this world coming to!

I'm sure in Bama you must be in a whole other world!


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