Somehow I've failed to mention in my blog that I recently accomplished my 3rd marathon of the year. The third weekend in October we traveled to San Francisco where I competed for the 2nd time in the Nike Women's Marathon. 

The Rocky Mountain Chapter of TNT took over 50 people to the event - so all my favorite ladies were there - including DONNA! We finally ran a marathon TOGETHER - the whole way! To mark the specialness of the day, we wore pink princess crowns too! We dressed alike in our green skirts, purple shirts and crowns and crossed the finish line like the fabulous ladies that we are!

At the finish line we were greeted by members of the fire department dressed in tuxedos and passing out our Tiffany necklaces on silver platters! It was a great experience and I was so happy to cross that finish line! 

I think it's time for some time off of running - and more time for relaxing and getting fat!


Do you ever have those days when you just don't feel like doing anything - including the laundry list of things that so desperately need your attention?! Yeah, that's me today. No motivation to do too much. No real sense of urgency - even though I have mounting in-box and a long list of menial tasks to accomplish. 

But what would happen if I just didn't do anything on that list of things to do? Would I be a failure? Or classified as lazy? Or would some wise philosopher understand my deep yearning for something bigger, grander and more meaningful - to spend my day curious about the oddities of life, connecting with other individuals in a true and meaningful way, or simply appreciate the vast beauty and breathtaking surroundings of my everyday life that go unnoticed and unappreciated on a daily basis?

All I want to do is curl up with my journal, a book or a cup of coffee (especially the coffee!) and a friends under one of the amazing trees filled with vibrant fall colors of red, orange and yellow leaves and enjoy the afternoon. Ahhh....if only I were independently wealthy. 


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