Colorado Relay - Preparation

It's September 3rd - and in true Colorado fashion we went from 90 degree days to a stark 20-30 degree difference following the Labor Day weekend. It's a brisk 65 degrees this mid-morning with hopes of only reaching 70 today. A welcome change for many, but the sign of the changing season - and the sign that the fall races are within sight.
Next weekend I will be running in the Colorado Relay - a 180 mile 10 person relay from Idaho Springs to Carbondale. I will be running 3 legs of the race as Philips Phools Racer #1. I have legs 1, 11 and 21. See the legs maps, mileage and elevation attached. Overall, I will be running 18.8 miles in a 24 hour period covering almost 2,500 feet in increased elevation. Two of my three runs are described as HARD - with only one being MODERATE. Sound scary? Yup, I am!

The race will start anywhere between 6 am and 11 am on Friday September 12th. Start times are staggered and based on anticipated finish time. So I will be running in the morning, early evening and possibly early morning on Saturday the 13th. My fellow runners will be running through the evening hours - in the pitch black in the presence of all the Colorado wildlife!

I'll try to post another update next week - and then of course the final version and the ending to this crazy journey!

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