Post Race

After the race, Kate and I met up, grabbed our gear bags, some food and the sweet superwoman capes to keep us warm. Who knew that after running 26.2 miles in 70 degree weather that you would get cold after you cooled down? But I was thankful to have it after a while.

We hung out at the Team in Training tent and had a few beers before we headed to the ocean to take our "ice bath" in the ocean! I couldn't think of a better way to finish up our race experience than doing it in the ocean! It was cold - but it was better than sitting in a bath tub full of ice water!

Race day was also Cortnae's birthday, so we went out that night to celebrate by going to sushi and having a few drinks. We were all pretty exhausted by that time of night, but we had a good time and had a few drinks to celebrate.

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