Gearing Up - Literally!

Last night I panicked when I realized the emminent approach of my departure for San Diego on Friday - where I will be competing in the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon on Sunday, June 1st.

This is all the stuff that I have to take in my carry on - just for race day! It's a lot!

This will be my second full marathon, which would lead people to believe that I should not be nervous for the event. However, I have found that I am a bit more jittery for this marathon than I was with my first. 

Why? You may ask. I would like to compare it to the idea of childbirth if I may, not that I have any personal experience with labor - but I've seen my fair share through my work as a doula. Your first time around, there is a sense of naivety and wonder about the whole process. However, the second time around, you know exactly what you are getting yourself into and how it will progress including all of the before unknown intricacies of the long and arduous journey (childbirth or a marathon). The luxury of "enjoying the experience" has passed as you begin to fully realize the insanity of what you are doing. 

And yet at the end - when we are full of adrenaline, exhaustion, endorphins (or morphine!) -we are met with a tiny treasure to love and show off for the whole world to see! Granted, all you mommas out there have a beautiful baby and all I get is a shiny medal - but hey, I'm not in the baby-making way just as of yet! So until that day comes, I will blog and boast about my own little babies - my medals!

There are two opportunities to watch me cross the finish line in San Diego - from the comfort of your own home! 

The Rock N Roll marathon will be broadcast nationally on FSN on Saturday, June 14th. (check local listings for air times in your local market)

You can also watch me cross the finish line by going to Finish Line Cam On-Demand after the race to see my amazing finish!

Watch my progress online through LiveResults. My time will be recorded at the 5K, 10K, 10 mile, 13.1 mile and 20 mile marks with updates every 60 seconds. Visit the website and click on LiveResults bug on te home page during the race. Begins at 6:30 am Pacific Time!

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