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Mounting a TV

We've noticed an odd trend in our neighborhood. While walking the dogs I thoroughly enjoy the act of "neighbor peeping." Come on - I know you do it too. You walk by and take a quick peek through the open windows and doors of your neighbors homes. I love to see how other people decorate and even the layout of the homes around us. But one thing we've noticed lately is how darn high people are mounting their tv's on the walls. It's absolutely ridiculous!

They look kind of like this - sometimes worse.
Ok - this is just silly - who needs that many tv's!?

It's so high - next to the crown molding!

I'm sorry - did you mistake your home for a sports bar?

Dude - my neck hurts just looking at this!

It's not even mounted on the wall - its mounted from the CEILING!

Unless you are prone on that couch, your neck is gonna hurt. 

Two of our tv's (don't judge - the mister works in electronics so we tend to have lots by default) are mounted on the wall - but at eye level. The other tv sits on a stand and its even lower.

Is there a rule about how high you should mount your tv? Is having it that high going to lead to neck/eye problems for those poor souls? Am I the only one that thinks about these odd things?


A Productive Weekend

Wow! Can we start a petition for 3 day weekends all the time? I mean really. Two days just isn't enough. Just when I get the hang of relaxing and being ok with being lazy its time to go on Monday morning!

I can't complain too much, I guess. It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend here in Colorado with clear skies, sunshine and perfect temps. Which meant yard work, projects, volunteering, long walks with the dogs, football with friends and lots of productivity!

Saturday was spent cheering on the Team in Training participants on their Mission Day - longest run of the season. As an alumni of the program and continual supporter, I woke up early and hit the trail to man a cheer station for the runners. We had signs encouraging the runners, snacks, water and gatorade. It was so great to see so many familiar faces and to see the runners looking so strong at miles 6.5 and 13. In fact, it may have been the motivation to get me training for marathon #8. More on that later.

Among other projects I did take some time Sunday morning to make some little yummies - raspberry scones!

I used this recipe off of pinterest (duh) and it turned out pretty well - except that I mis-measured the salt. Oops! But I added extra vanilla extract to compensate and they aren't too bad. 

Now I have breakfast-on-the-go all week. And I was so thankful for that this morning! Really - anyone else want to see if we can get 3 day weekends all the time?


In the Mail

Home Decor Fabrics-Waverl...

Say hello to my new fabric. I bit the bullet and did some online shopping - with free shipping and a great sale!

Soon this fabric will be adorning my soon to be refinished chair for the living room.

I guess we all know what I'll be up to this weekend!


Chicken Wire and The Love of Navy

I made this little lovely this weekend. I found the frame at Goodwill during a 50% off sale and picked up the chicken wire from the hardware store. I pulled the backing and the glass off, spray painted the frame white and added the chicken wire.

Now it sits in my bathroom holding my most popular accessories. Such an easy project. I may try to find another frame and add some hooks to make one for my niece as a headband holder.

In other news I have a chair that I picked up from Goodwill months ago sitting in my garage collecting dust. It may become "the project" this weekend. 

I'm envisioning it painted white and recovered with fabric like this. 
The fabric happens to be on sale right now at Joann's. 

Did I mention I'm newly in love with navy? 

Here's a little creation I'll call my living room mood board. 

I just realized I don't have a very up-to-date photo of our living room. I'll work on that.

But our walls are Kilim Beige from Sherwin Williams, our neutral sofa and chair are from American Furniture Warehouse, our coffee table, side table and shelf are from World Market. I would love to add navy curtains, pillows, new upholstered chair (from goodwill), a bench, and some world map artwork. 

I love neutrals. Isn't this beautiful?

I'm also loving this splash of orange with navy. 

From my pinterest board

Let's be Pinterest friends - follow me and I'll follow you!


Fall is (Almost) Here

Last weekend before running off to work, I was extremely productive! I did some laundry, cleaned up the house, and made a fabulous breakfast. I bought these ramekins a while back and they are perfect for these mini breakfast quiches. A few eggs, some mushrooms, sliced grape tomatoes, chopped spinach, don't forget a bit of garlic or shallot and top it with cheese. Back in the oven for 15-18 minutes and they are ready! Plus, the keep really well and reheat fabulously! 

Check out what is finally growing in my little garden! Pumpkins!
This guy is my biggest yet - sadly, I have hundreds of orange blooms but only three little gourds growing. I'm hoping they turn orange soon and that more grow! 

And this is a little fall wreath I whipped up thanks to some great sales/coupons at Michael's. 

And these two hooligans are our watchdogs for the neighborhood. 

Have a great weekend!


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